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Client Orientation

We understand the importance of delivering high quality in all our projects and know how to stick to the schedules while working on a project

Trust & Responsibility

We believe in taking full responsibility for our relationships with the clients, partners, investors, colleagues and community. We trust our experts for on time deliveries.


We are totally committed and dedicated to helping our clients in achieving success, to fulfill their objectives and ambitions.


Our aim is to provide the high-quality performance that produces outstanding results of lasting value.

We provide personal attention to each project to make sure that everything is going fine and our experts are working for your benefit
and you are getting the best results for your projects. We have been in the industry for so many years not just by providing best quality results
but by providing even better than what you have expected.

About us

P. Subramani & Co

We have the vision to become one of the most renowned world-class infrastructure organizations which are known for its reliability, quality, and timely completion and for providing a safe working environment. We want our employees to have a transparent and continuous learning environment.

Our aim is to maximize the stakeholder value by the continuous adoption of all the latest technologies, management practices and by using all the latest equipment. We want to become a responsible corporate body that is committed to enhancing the quality life of the community.

We follow strict ethical business practices and have a collaborative and creative work environment. We believe in having a caring culture towards our employees and society. We believe in mutual respect and dignity of individuals.

Thanks to our unique professionalism which includes a code of ethics, a committed and creative management team, due to which we have witnessed a consistent growth over the years. From the establishment of the company, we have stood by our vision and mission statements, and looks to the future with undiminished enthusiasm and enterprise.

Our key objectives are to continuously broaden our operational areas and to include more projects in our portfolios which will help in the growth of our company. We have the proper blend of professionals, who are always thinking out of the box solutions and have innovative as well as cost-effective solutions for any type of requirement.

Being located in Erode, Tamil Nadu, P.Subramani & Co is becoming a major player in the construction sector of South India. We have a rich heritage and an exhaustive as well as diverse portfolio of our successfully completed projects across the industry, and now we are ready to take another step towards our company's growth. The key factor to our robust and stable growth is our client focus, our leadership tactics, the adoption of the latest technology and our workforce orientation.

We strive to continue in the real estate scenario, setting benchmarks and being a point of inspiration to others has believed that there is only one mantra for success that is none other than Quality. Along with providing high-quality solutions, we also have a customer centric approach, unique values, transparency in business operations and robust engineering, which has placed us on the ‘most preferred’ agency in the CPWD in which numerous Projects have successfully completed in time with utmost satisfaction.

The most cherished thing is our customer’s trust, which we have earned with our commitment to quality and innovation. We believe in using our imagination to create homes with a distinct character and soul.

We have set high-quality benchmarks for each of the projects and we strive to achieve the highest level of quality in all our projects. For quality management, we have a well-documented approach and are committed to improving the effectiveness of the system continuously.

The Company has delivered numerous projects and some of the projects with salient features & photographs including the name of Architects & Consultancy Engineers are annexed herein as a testimony for timely completion of the projects. P.Subramani & Co. is the host of all sorts of skills to major infrastructure projects with an integrated approach that to provide the long lasting solutions to your needs.

Our service


We believe that great things happen when people work in a great environment that inspires creative thinking and team building. We provide the best commercial construction solutions for your offices keeping in mind what your needs and requirements are. We have the proper knowledge and collaboration as well as service necessary to complete even the most demanding projects on time and on budget. We help all our clients to maintain their business while working on the project.

We provide proper and intense attention to each and every detail, as we have experts who have vast experience in the construction sector. We are able to provide the best and most optimal solution with the use of all sorts of elements available for the construction.

You just need to tell our experts, what you want and look in your office, and our experts will closely work with you to plan the whole design and interiors to provide the best result. You can see our work portfolio to see our previous projects.


We are a certified construction company which provides construction services across Tamil Nadu. We provide high-quality and advanced construction solutions to our clients, as we have specialized experts for residential construction.

We have expertise in different areas like Interior design, Building Construction, Architect, Apartments, Residential Buildings, House Building, Real estate development and all type of other buildings. We provide the best comprehensive solutions in residential buildings. Our professionals are able to implement the best possible implementation construction solution in all the verticals as per the requirement of the customers.

We have a talented team of engineers who are able to handle all sorts of building-related problem and can easily solve them on time. We believe in providing the best and complete satisfaction to our customers as it is the important key to the success of our business. You can see our work portfolio to see the work done by us and can also see the ongoing projects we have with us.


We are experts in providing all sorts of construction solutions and are known to provide them across Tamil Nadu. We not only build residential or commercial buildings but also provide renovation or rehabilitation solutions.

PSC builders deliver the best engineering solutions having a focused approach for technical quality and efficiency while ensuring on-time completion of projects. We have undertaken several renovation and rehabilitation projects by successfully completing several residential, industrial, commercial and infrastructural projects.

In order to provide the best results for our clients, we use state of art techniques, latest technologies, best equipment, proper designing, and planning, provide on time delivery and within your budget limit. We want our client's 100% satisfaction, for which we have hired the brightest minds to deliver solutions that even exceeds our client's expectations. You can see several projects done by us in the past to see how we work and how satisfied our clients are with it.


We are doing all kinds of factory works. We provide service with the best construction material and best techniques. Our professionals who are really capable and devoted render service in varied patterns. Our services are acknowledged by clients for perfect delivery and reasonable rates.

Project Management

We provide our valuable service regarding project management. Our team operates around various locations. High quality and safety standards are followed and it is completed on time. Equal importance is given to each project. We have in house project engineers for the successful delivery of projects.

Other Civil Works

We are in the construction sector for more than 30 years and we provide all major construction solutions and services. Apart from providing residential or commercial services, we also provide other civil services.

You can see our portfolio to check out our completed projects as well as to see how satisfied our customers are with the results. We have a team of experts who closely work with you to follow all your needs and requirements and accordingly lay a design plan for the construction.

We believe in providing the quality results and 100% customer satisfaction. Therefore we are still standing high in the competition, in the construction sector. You can also ask our experts for consultation advice or to build a plan for your project. Just tell us whatever you want from a project and we are here to help you in providing the best results for it.

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